We supply all types of industries through special machine manufacturers who are looking for uniquesolutions in our catalogs.

We are a preferred supplier of standard machine manufacturers who use recurring components andpurchased in large volumes.

We are mainly relevant for machine manufacturers who are positionningtheir sales internationally and in a highly competitive environment with local competition at low costsand who have to make the supply more reliable.


Automax was founded in 1988 in Blois, in the "Center-Val de Loire" region. After thirty years ofexperience in pneumatic automation technology, Automax has become a global company withproduction in France, Germany and Asia, allowing us to provide our customers with products with greatvalue for money ...

 Initially founded as a pure trading company, many partnerships were established (worldwide andmainly in Asia), allowing Automax to develop. This functional network offers us a wide range of possibilities to supply our customers with pneumatic components that meet their requirements.

During the 1990’s, due to its growth, the company developed the employment of numerous operators and technicians, to start the production in France of these products including the oval micro-cylinders.To guarantee competitiveness, certain products have been transferred to Asia.

Since 2016, automax has also been represented in Germany with its own branch. The development of anadditional production site with manufacturing units equipped with highly automated processingmachines allows us to study and realize customized solutions, tailor-made according to customer specifications for an economically the best possible offer.



We want to make the benefits of globalization available to each of our customers. Our company haspositioned itself internationally for this over the years. The production sites in Europe and Asia allow us toproduce at reduced costs. In addition to the production and sale of pneumatic components in automationtechnology, relationships with suppliers based on global partnerships have developed. Our effcient logistics management also allows us to deliver at any time.

We are generally looking for long term relationships based on a partnership with our customers. Fair pricingis therefore obvious to us. Personal contact is very important to us, so we regularly visit our customers todiscuss or clarify any problem in direct exchange. In addition, as a customer, you are also welcome at any timeto get an idea of our company and our activities.